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February 10, 2013


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This features are dedicated to members from my group deviantARTSupporters! :heart:

:iconkokorox: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconkokorox:


Here are some works from this awesome but still unseen deviants:

:star: :iconshell31: :star:
:thumb257659091:Willow by shell31Tattoo Design by shell31

:star: :iconthemushroompeddler: :star:
Ivy-dress-spring09 by TheMushroomPeddlerKoneko blue by TheMushroomPeddlerFoxy Lady... er... fox by TheMushroomPeddler

:star: :iconranmi: :star:
Sakura - Syaoran  Tsubasa by ranmiERZA KNIGHTWALKER by ranmiSakura - Syaoran by ranmi

:star: :iconanrikepiel: :star:

:star: :iconsnowy-ninja: :star:
:thumb327002042::thumb306882216:Living On The Roof Of The World by Snowy-Ninja

:star: :iconbulldoggenliebchen: :star:
dreaming by BulldoggenliebchenEmbryonic by BulldoggenliebchenWorms by Bulldoggenliebchen

:star: :iconcyberlogic: :star:
Underwater Beach Front - Stock Image by CyberLogic In The Life of a CatMoved...[ link ]Fellabot LIVES! by CyberLogic

:star: :iconboonsai: :star:
Mary and the Little Lamb by boOnsaiSleep Time! by boOnsaiHappiness Bunny by boOnsai

:star: :iconsammiegavin: :star:
A wild Ella appears by SammieGavinAlf by SammieGavinArbor Day Outtake by SammieGavin

:star: :iconphoto-grafixx: :star:
Instinct by Photo-GrafixxSunshine by Photo-GrafixxThis is my leaf by Photo-Grafixx

:star: :iconemerald--weapon: :star:

:star: :iconluthien27: :star:
Cradle of Imagination by luthien27Once Upon A ... by luthien27Kiss Me In November by luthien27

:star: :iconcrshh: :star:
Debbie and Sheila by crshhSpitting contest by crshhElf oc by crshh

:star: :iconsomniaromantica: :star:
moth captured, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomanticaDress Annecy, Somnia Domantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomanticaVenezia Mirano,Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica

:star: :iconkanutox: :star:
I still wished for autumn 3 by KanutoXforti'tude by KanutoXLife And Rain-Drops 5 by KanutoX

:star: :iconetsher: :star:
Aster Befanis I by EtsherUmi by EtsherCeles in blood by Etsher

:star: :iconloverke: :star:
Soi Fon by LoverkeHollow Ichigo by LoverkeNemu by Loverke

:star: :iconbobcatviale: :star:
Bobby by Bobcatviale First Snowfall                                 First Snowfall
As Geckokit awoke, disappointed as he was just about to snag a butterfly, he walked out of the nursery to see if there were any real butterflies to catch. As he looked around and saw nothing except the dawn sky above him. Geckokit started back towards the mest as something attacked his tail. Gecokit spun around expecting to see Rockkit standing there, but nothing was there. He looked all around him and no cat was to be found. He checked back in the nursery and Rockkit was there, sleeping next to Stripekit. "I guess i was just imagining" Geckokit thought to himself. He knew that more than once his imagination had run wild and he had attacked his innocent littermates. Ready to go back to his nest he felt it again. Now he knew it wasn't his imagination and it also wasn't his litt
What Do You Want? by Bobcatviale

:star: :iconjustina-m: :star:
forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest by justina-mThe Touch by justina-mforgotten by justina-m

:star: :iconnimportant: :star:
Owl by NImportantFlecky by NImportantGolden thread by NImportant

:star: :iconelfois: :star:
Haunting past, shining future by Elfois+To guard you.. To love you+ by Elfois+Portrait of a Healer+ by Elfois

:star: :iconvalt89: :star:
Happy is better by Valt89Cold by Valt89yellow light by Valt89

:star: :iconwhispertoyouu: :star:
The frog prince or Iron Henry by WhisperToYouutwilight by WhisperToYouulittle angel by WhisperToYouu

:star: :iconjonas-sloth: :star:
Please don't be Mean by Jonas-SlothKitty by Jonas-SlothChibi Nightshade by Jonas-Sloth

:star: :iconhanakoofthejungle: :star:
The bad touch trio by hanakoofthejungleQueen Serenity by hanakoofthejungleCommission 1 by hanakoofthejungle

:star: :iconklarakay: :star:
Mystic Night free background by KlaraKayForest Fairy... by KlaraKayLove Takes Time... by KlaraKay

:star: :iconpalantirs: :star:
Innocence by PalantirsEquilibrium by PalantirsMary Magdalene by Palantirs

:star: :iconvozrozhdennaya: :star:
Emmy Shaton by vozrozhdennayaCat by vozrozhdennayaRasta Bear by vozrozhdennaya

:star: :iconlittlelionking: :star:

:star: :iconmarty-crouz: :star:

:star: :icongigbaylon: :star:

:star: :iconshiropanda: :star:
Starfish by shiropandaHau'oli by shiropandaTrick or Treat by shiropanda

:star: :iconjakyl3: :star:
Potter Gang by Jakyl3Patient Eevee by Jakyl3Baby Dragon by Jakyl3

:star: :iconawinterdream: :star:
Nature is my only friend? by AWinterDreamTell me by AWinterDreamSnowmen by AWinterDream

:star: :icondolldelight: :star:
Lolita by dolldelightSecret Garden by dolldelightRogues Rising by dolldelight

:star: :iconlopolecos: :star:
Hi Dear... by LopolecosSexy Demon by LopolecosEmperor Mateus FF II by Lopolecos

:star: :iconsunwool: :star:
AT ArticWolfSpirit by SunwoolSing to me a small birdie by SunwoolOn the fresh snow by Sunwool

:star: :iconceciliay: :star:
Santa Cruz Lighthouse by ceciliayThe Need to Release by ceciliay:thumb343094281:

:star: :iconsalbp: :star:
Little Bonsly by SALBP:thumb352581001::thumb286139911:

:star: :iconincubusrockstar97: :star:


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Here are preview parts of news:


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Have a nice day!

~Erozja :heart:

Skin by winnietehpoohie (modified by Erozja)
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