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July 28, 2013


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Sun Jul 28, 2013, 1:20 PM

Rose water colour painting by ShikharSrivastavaPurah by almaticaniNevermore by ElvenstarArt
Two roses by VincikBackground by Calicot-ZCSunday morning - 10 am by Oblomov-Ilya1956
Lord Buddha by ShikharSrivastavastuck in between the Free. by SiljaVichLumen by AUREAWOLF666
Kitel - 1 Kitel by Calicot-ZC-:Born from Fire:- by CarolineSuominenMy Personal Winter-Wonderland by alicelevene
Sidewalk in Charleston by Built4ever<da:thumb id="191815077"/>horror croped by cocoshit
Venezia Colorful by yelouSwimming Frog by mellisea<da:thumb id="194587544"/>
Florales by Calicot-ZCSing by Kait-KuroiI will show you love by Kait-Kuroi
<da:thumb id="199102621"/>-:Ganesh:- by CarolineSuominenTime has come by Kait-Kuroi
: scabra : by Natasha011Dragon by EnvenHB005 by KoValery
Royal by ShadeofShinonCommission: Henna Fairy by SeraphimFeathers<da:thumb id="209558464"/>
Poison by CleoniqueThe smell of storm by akira008Strawberry swing by Leona-Raint
Zebra Stroll by DavisTheSecond"Printemps" christmas by Z-infernalSpeedpaint Commish- Stray by Earthsong9405
umbrella by Leona-RaintIllustration Commish- Merge by Earthsong9405Windy Day by Catoram-A
by any means by RawStudiosInk by raspberrychocolate<da:thumb id="159309932"/>
Darkroom Sparks by kaelthiereHarpist by MaevachanAbsyinth Kara by almaticani
Sick girl by nienorAscend by diacciaapple blossoms by LadyEru
Burn 2 by DanielGovarForest Fairy by Monica-NGSelwyn and Roland by foxysquid
Avans by DrayzaBouquet of Flowers by MoonSelenawatercolor duality by VibhasVirwani
Village Weaver by KenaiWolf.:Waiting:. by Si3artOkar by Drayza
pumpkin fairy gift.. by neurotic-elfLittle Friends by Si3artSummerGal by Wish-hope
Ariel by MaboyaWoodhall by neral85Aria in Blue by alfred24
Mermaids by Mana-KyusaiLegend by RadiusZero<da:thumb id="258148440"/>
Witch-fox by Muh-aTurtle by Morgan-chaneDelirium by GersonWatanuki
Ghost of the lake by DawnWarrior<da:thumb id="258051203"/>PKM - Omanyte by Wingsie
Sweet Dreams by Hikaru9u9Esther Knightley by hachikoSmall opening in the forest by doma22
<da:thumb id="257382174"/>Under the Moonlight by sinnistvether-_Sophisticated_- by Jenninaitsu
Strength by MelimaielTimeless. Flawless. by Ze-RoFruitsHeavy as Mountains by Inku-inku
Autumn Vigour by Dragonsoul2Autumn by Yue-HiganbanaDale by neral85
Onion-Girl and Rat-a-Bot by iamBRAOJane in Peril - Love Apple by iamBRAOSilja and the Nix by SiljaVich
PHILIPPINE EAGLE......DAVIS II by DavisTheSecondthe lady of the autumn by AyayouWild northern stars by akira008
Dobrynya and the Dragon by ve-n-usEdge of the World by SiluanUnder the tree by FraeuleinBaer
Peacock Siren by OrchidSkyeOld Things by MichaelBrackCarnival by Moonlilith91
St. George's Basilica by neral85Heartless by CleoniqueWinter Path by neral85
LA Voir le Soleil by FluorescentteddySpring ... by lacusyamatoo<da:thumb id="266776490"/>
Amori by Kuru-mo<da:thumb id="267160241"/>The Gypsy's Secret by DavidHoffrichter
Astrodea by catzillaZawilce po mojemu by stokrotasDeal with the Sea Witch by mimeko
Tranquility by couchmochiBattle with the Sun by chichariaListen by sdPink
Romenna by neral85Please don't go by Hikaru9u9Autumn leaves 1 by SonPan
Hidden Touch by PLlNsMensajero 02 by Rz00Alice in Wonderland by Hachiyo
Sunset tears by Marine-chanAnd you shall have some pie by nekophoenixIl pagliaccio by Acualina
Cyberfly by Si3artSiren .... by Wingsie
Tree stump kid by koyamoriAt the End of the Day by ZOMGwinglyCom : Mei Zhen by Yue-Higanbana
Clockwork Phoenix by Art-by-Cricketprincess sakura by BlueStrawberry94Goodbye by yunaselene
Pathophobia by creepyfish28.06.11 by belokrylnikWaiting for the food by t1sk1jukka
Moon by SiljaVich- Princess Swan - by LosenkoKarahime by Biranka
No hugz - color by SonPana birthday by springonionBULL ELEPHANT CHARGE..........DAVIS II by DavisTheSecond
Antelone. by Yami-HydranPhone, mirror, wind and rain by Rei-HelenWatercolor: Drow Mage by Yako
The Seer by UnripeHamadryadwolfblood by BlueStrawberry94Dreams are my Reality by couchmochi
Blindfolded by UnripeHamadryadWitch by Kutty-SarkWinter Magic by Leochi
Silent Night by CKJohnsontrapped yet free by midori137Soldier of Silence by SonPan
STOP TIME by NesgodraaChristmas Lights by chichariaSansa Stark by rai-mond
Pink Blossoms by LurkingSporkTravel Lightly by ValleyMeadowBleach Bouquet: Rukia by Ze-RoFruits
<da:thumb id="268459784"/>- the witching hour by saffronlungsFlutist 2 by grobles63
Heydrich - Ilmatar by hello-heydiCrowned Pigeons on Pomegranate Branch by MusyupickThe heiress of the dragons 3 by MoraShadow
watercolour by Risa1The Snow Fairy - I by Miss-BelfryFour Seasons by typesprite


Skin by Drake1 (modified by Erozja)
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KenaiWolf Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, the Village Weaver. Thanks you. :D
Yue-Higanbana Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student
Thank you so much :love:
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
maria-degeratu Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Thank you so much for including me here! It's super flattering, so much beautiful artwork! :heart:
Erozja Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Maevachan Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
thanks :)
Erozja Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Charmed-Ravenclaw Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
An exquisite feature! Makes me want to do something with watercolours.
Erozja Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013
Miss-Belfry Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Such a wonderful feature!!
I discovered some great new artists.
Thank you so much for including 2 of my works! :hug:
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