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Submitted on
August 17, 2013


27 (who?)

Interesting - part 85

Sat Aug 17, 2013, 3:13 PM
FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia

Spirit in the tree by LihassMagic Carrot by heliconius<da:thumb id="361761424"/>
City on Water by musicismylife10027Gaia - Day of art 6/6 by MorningPanda Mg 0456 by Koobassoff
cold to the touch by unesGreat Tit by mikaiya-chanDrew Barrymore by cordog69
Ephesus by MoophlonCanton Shore by PariahLycan<da:thumb id="357414289"/>
- Teatime - by Prometheus1706Tulips and wildflowers by SpoonEaterBeach Relax by newjuventud
Umbrella by Zi0oToPuff Herbal [94/365] by DaphneNgstone walls by slatkatajna
Yellow in the middle of blue by CocoaDesertmorning by R9A
Optimus Prime Painting by Hazey1988<da:thumb id="362749537"/>U3 by ty-rolka
Desolation Part III - Farmstead by shadothezombieProduction of Night by Makoto13<da:thumb id="364487109"/>
56709645 by natucyathere's a dream II by TanjaMariaspring sunshine by Ingelore
Daydream by DreamsymbolMystery by montalvo-mikeWinter Crops: Rose Hip by Clu-art
450 - alien. by OkularnicaPink is in the Air by Simina31The springtime of my loving. by elbereth408
Forest1 by S-Kate-FSakura by JustineVedovatoA Light That Never Burns Out by ClockworkMarionette
<da:thumb id="364600812"/>...Bydgoszcz... by canismaiorisWrong Rabbit by amegoddess
MODERN WALTZ by K-E-I-TBackwater by kirpichmanINTELLECTUS by petersheep
Skull and sunflowers by PhotographygoddessAlmond Fluff by rinkunokoisuruMann und Meer by Gunbowolf
Picked last by mikesblender<da:thumb id="369233382"/>Big Cat Coasters by TumblingTortoises
Magic Snow by burzinski<da:thumb id="315466786"/>Apassionata by MyFantasie
Re:Arrange by Katherine-DaeLittle Vains by ziperka1811212 by iliushka
souvenirs de venise by pietonMy Qbee patch by icyiiGlasswork XXV by cameraflou
Anna and Arnold by silverwing-sparrow<da:thumb id="83837061"/>You should have taken the other path... by PurpleRedRose
Art 3 by foux86The cat's eye by A-ParrotH E L L O D O M by mldzz
clamor by FuriyaTerribleTornado by Marion-VolantBliss by RezzanATAKOL
Frog Kissing by ratherlemony1043 by yakovdedykPresence of Eden by Eddyfying
softness by Natsu-KiSweet song by Sparkleman2013-145 Genesee River Gorge by pearwood
Sunlight~ by TheFandomChick36Ladybug by qczman2013-134 Guardian by pearwood
vqR7EthZ0DY by CreativeStudio-FoxyAGears one by WaterStreetNorth<da:thumb id="367525981"/>
waiting corridor by mldzzRain is not always a bad thing by GemDeDudeLacrimosa - Angst by Derek-Castro
Wall 12am by cameraflouSheep adventures: shadow-monsters by Ci-chan91Wasp by ashamandour
My Understandings. by dzika-koalareflection by Ingelore2013-152 Eroded bank by pearwood
Il mondo in grembo by tubyxmagic fern by StargazerLZ<da:thumb id="315464529"/>
Poppy in June by Callu<da:thumb id="377735672"/>Hunter by kidy-kat
Feel forgotten by ideodaSamurai I by arvela<da:thumb id="380022145"/>
Melissani Ferrymen by LaanscapesDon't shoot the messenger! by lomatic<da:thumb id="379399224"/>
Undead by DenzelAJacksonTHERESA OF CULCUTTA by G-U-H-I-T-E-R-ARush by Marcy-Photography
Day 180 II by PixiePoxPhotographyKarna by Anhen99 by Anlin
early in the morning 2 by StargazerLZCloud Behind by arayoBon appetit ... by PatiMakowskaUnder the bridge by Reni89Golden Collage by Lazy-BlondeLost Memories by WindInTheCoffeeCupasian baby by xmz12x<da:thumb id="370946663"/>BLUBOX by K-E-I-T
Commission: Captain Huckebein by Van-Syl-ProductionPink Plaid by musicismylife10027Diamond Hazytte by mo-ten
Get along by kazarinakristinaSymmetry by misza-pawlwoskiTiny we against Time by denjazzer
<da:thumb id="391111453"/>Scratch sky by maynamsTime Stands Still For Us by NayeliNeria
Silent Equilibrium by taikatiukuI'll be your Guardian Angel... by EditQeensLittle Daisy by Deorsa
Hedgehog-010 by Garri69Reindeer by MaryVozhdaevaLunar Princess by simplearts

FREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconiaFREE Snow Flake Divider by LeviaDraconia

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TanjaMaria Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wonderful artworks! :iconiloveit-plz: Thank you so much for including mine, I'm honored :huggle:
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
pieton Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
Thanks for including me in your gorgeous feature!
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
CocoaDesert Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
dziękuję! :butterfly:
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
TumblingTortoises Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks so much for featuring my tiles! :love:
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Photographygoddess Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much! This came at a really good time for me! :lovesquee: :lovesquee: :lovesquee: :lovesquee: :lovesquee: :lovesquee: awesome smiley animated
Erozja Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
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