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April 19, 2013


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Interesting - part 73

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 19, 2013, 2:49 PM

:bulletblue:  MUSIC FOR YOU :bulletblue:

:iconbluekokorox: DAFT PUNK - Solar Sailer (Pretty Lights Remix) :iconbluekokorox:

:bulletblue:  FEATURES :bulletblue:

Tears inside by ar1annaChampeine by Fonylpath by metalratrox
:thumb318814004::thumb319134690:A kind of magic by PawelMatys
Witches Farting-Such Inspiration!
A young woman named Hilda loved making art, and practiced Painting all day long to become the very best in all her town. But one day, she was completely stumped. She looked around her room, full of art pieces featuring mystical Geese, sci-fi landscapes of a futuristic Montreal, and a portrait of Carrot Top that looked so real, you could start a conversation with it. But nothing inspired her. Had she really created everything there was to create? Depressed, she looked out her window, and made a wish on a nearby Cloud for inspiration to return to her. The next morning, she sprung out of bed, and used her skill in Painting to create the most beautiful deviation depicting witches farting anyone had ever seen. That night, she shouted out the window, "Thanks, Cloud!"
good morning sunshine. by dzika-koala Broken.Ah, mum. You do choose the most lovely moments to drop whatthefuckery bombshells. Huddled in a seat at London Euston, scoffing Motilium, and feeling like death, I hear her state simply:
"I don't think I love him any more."
Sure. I knew that. Didn't I? I knew. I know a lot of things about them. Sometimes I think I must see them more clearly than either of them see each other. But saying it out loud feels wrong. To make it more than a fleeting thought dismissed in passing... it's like dropping a heavy stone into a still lake and watching all the gunk and dirt rise to the rippling surface.
There's always been an unspoken belief for me. That even if we hated each other, raged and screamed and hurt each other, there was still love there underneath all the fire. I never had a doubt that if a gun was pointed at dad my mum would step in front of him without even thinking, and vise versa. Through all the painful bullshit they've always said they still love the other. Hate and love twist

Shy by Kamik636Kazimierz Dolny by Justynkaarctic light by ersatz-moon
-Dance of life- by Janek-SedlarI try not to remember... by MarsiaMSthe awakening by mj-magic
Wonderland by SzymonMicSundrenched by My-Mona-LisaEvery You Every Me by mebilia
It's my life by Nile-PaparazziMangoes and Bananas by Poket-SkittsOpium Field by JonathanChanutomo
a small mole by SasoriScorpionEnjoy the summer by whitecrow-soulexplosion of saphires... by FeliFee
:thumb315619658:Run to you by sam--camBOX by cirrusmin0r
461 by NigritaSooyoung ~ Girl's Generation by ainosoraLA GAULTIERRA by K-E-I-T
:thumb301982421:healing flowers by ambientdreamBring on the Storm by FriendFrog
LITTLE TIGER by MatteoCattonarBetween The Planets artwork by isisdesignstudioYouth by hakukamizaki
Green On Blue by BokehLight:thumb321688454:Evanescent by jussta
Austerstraumen by NikolaiMalykhdrifting by busanganeSpring Water by anneclaires
ricoooordaaaaa miiiiiii by Vekkesun. by Okularnica:thumb320970990:
alienH R Giger sat on his verandah 
drawing aliens, nasty and mean
little did he know
they dwelled in the snow
dreaming of licking his swiss bones clean
crookedmy crooked teeth send out dreams of leaving me
the fiendish little bastards long to be running free
i growl, i snort, i laugh in my sleep
i'll send you all nightmares
you'll see
of being buried low, buried deep
Viewer by alterOFnotionDulcet Fancy OC by mirz-altAll that glitters 1 by deRaat
s u m m e r by iyo-yoShine again by arayo:thumb320128482:
Purple Haze by JustinDeRosa:thumb322464794::thumb322424614:
le chat bleu by roserika Bez nazwyW mglistych oczach
w smolistych źrenicach
tonąca we własnych krokach
pani Topielica
Dusza przetarta
kryje się w głębinie
na klucz otwarta
bez strachu, nie zginie
Zmiana obsesji
Słodki smak wieczoru
chwila dygresji
białego koloru
Światło lodowate
śniegiem ja oplata
Demony skrzydlate
kryją pstrokaciznę świata
I choćby chciała
nie zobaczy słońca
Od zawsze wiedziała
ma tonąć do końca
łza-krzykiem w udręce
Jednym tylko strzałem
amor złamał serce
mayor que la posible by sirbion
Balinese butterfly by KlaraDrielle:thumb322903647:474 by Nigrita
Softly fading away by rosaarvensisThree to Tango by Davils-PhotographyBlue eyes by h-leao
SleepyMorning (LGS 2012) by Kay-Noireleave me please by AndieMakkawaruIce Rings by OpticalIrony
color challenge day 2 by xMangoTart:thumb323008300:II by sandrawiklander
it looks like autumn by Stefansider-Extraordinary world- by Janek-Sedlartiger pearls. by Blueberryblack
In the Dog House by mpg13artworksWhere the Power lies. by UiiZaelicMemoire hantee by Jefinski
Be my friend by Zelma1F2U Graduation stamp by MinakieWhere are you? by diyafram
the blue day by jennomatThe unknown magic by TabiaThe Sun by A-Parrot
Lifetime by MadisonStarWedding Day by BMFKmilk. by Blueberryblack
the light of the plague- ball point pens on paper by paoloamico87Woohoooooo by BubbleCloudLight and Toil by GMCPhotographics
ghost by wariatka. . . old friends . . . by phoenixgraphixstudio:thumb326220954:
Frozen by JeRoenMurreLittle bridge for liittle ants by GreenShadow23Roadside Cafe by Kamik636
The Queen's Dream by IngoSchobertThe spirit of the tree by Zoehiheather by indojo
hot caffe by kimerajamBudapest, Hungary by ovidiupopChase Your Dreams by NayeliNeria
wanna ride? by maleicaad lucem by SteeeffiiiMusic Magician by Chihyro
in the apple garden ... by iliushkaSleeping Buns by SpagettiUrchin:thumb327528035:
dreaming kitty. by LunaFelesIn The Cold Light Of Morning by Battle-for-the-SunFeeling The Void by KrzysztofJedrzejak
untitled32 by JuliaHasAGunOur friend Mika by thePicSees:: D R A G O N :: E Y E :: by Aijoku
Distant Part of the Bridge Across the Swamp by z--xCoconut Island by BeastBoxDesignsApprentice by ArtbyValerie
forgotten memories by beau-cheri:thumb328644106:wild flower by carpeemorteem
dymno by BreathOfIndustryL'attesa by LuisamdThe Swan by RavenMoonDesigns
Life is Sweet by BlackJack0919529 by NigritaUhura - Shore Leave (Star Trek) by rafoodle
Lost in the Mist by tvurk:thumb329683329:Pumpkin Faces by thedustyphoenix
:thumb329742554:morningimpression IV by indojoWinter Nights by RGDart
Soaring by CecilyAndreuArtworkWanderer's Secrets by TammyPhotographyInto the Mild by HomoColoris
colors of autumn. by BlueberryblackLost Soul II by JoannaRzeznikowskaPriorities by vfujiwara
:thumb326217439:Pumpkin Patch Girl 2 by KodiKatnorthern wind by vladder
magic of nature by weilano4779 by IPalisautumn Gold . by iliushka
Evening in Paris by WouterPera:thumb331739312:.............. by yanari
554 by Nigritaautumn forest: spiders III by amsterdam-jazzEnter me 3 by aleksesss
half gone by VexatioousRMDC by JeZoNeCloudy by silverwing-sparrow
Lady by anticuussunflower by LoveInMistthegate by lia-minou
2 Km by KrzysztofJedrzejakuntitled by zabudkaLight Fairy by viniciusalv
Too orange and red by alena-lightmy niece 14/10/2012 (5) by Simon120188commission - 276 by unsolvedenigma
Vintage by PhotographsByBriA Map of All Our Failures by FledermauslandSequence by Callu
Sehnsucht by Anamartinez-FotografLiholesye by AnhenOlga by Anhen
Planetary nebula by Christine-MuratonXXXV by sandrawiklanderMoonlight Lotus by DuirwaighStudios
Creative Mind by MadameNyx* by Al-Baum:::Lucid Dreams III::: by SATYRJA
who's the mouse now by uzengiaDi.October. by Lileinaya:thumb333743964:
her hair. by SimonPeschColors of Autumn II by Val-FaustinoAdventures of Enchantment by SwiFecS
a rose to fall by AlicjaRodzikLand Of Mirrors by NellekeC u r v e s by SwiFecS
they usually come in boxes by i-m-lightEarth by mollusuntitled41 by JuliaHasAGun

Skin by Infinite705 (modified by Erozja)
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