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Submitted on
September 19, 2011


38 (who?)
BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 7


Hello everyone! :wave:

Here's the feature of my :icondeviantartsupporters: group. :la:
But not that ordinary feature... ;)

I decided to show you only THE BEST ONES works.
Which means: technically perfect, interesting or just original.

:iconpurpleflowerplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconpurpleflowerplz:



:iconlovesplz: TRADITIONAL ART :iconlovesplz:
. Aika . by Wlotus-2307
:thumb251773723:Darth Vader by leandro-sfDesenho10 by AndieCris
Water faery by Fantasy-fairy-angelFlycatcher - Goldcrest - Robin by DavisTheSecondMy castle by Mobicca
The Wedding by BenyiHSTIGER IN WAIT - by Davis II by DavisTheSecond
Flowers of the Field by asiapasekFlaming Tree of Sherwood by ForestEdgeFineArtBelladonna by KuomaAn Elf And Caterpillar by asiapasek
Khepri by R-AnimeLucindra and Valec by HeilyAensvampire knight kuran by Alicia08AN SIMPLE GIRL by sinsenor
Sunrise in Oslo by dh6artTaylor Cole drawing by dh6artFairies of the Dawn- pic 1 by JoannaBromley
Mami Tomoe by Mei-yutesting my new copic markers by Alicia08Withered lilac and a book by dh6artRossi by 7-Year-Bytch
Queen of Hearts by TenshidreamTrio by AnisisKing Kazma of Summer Wars by jucxxxJigoku Shoujo by Alicia08
Mermaid...oil on linen by xxaihxxSummer..oil on linen by xxaihxxSpring ghost by BusbiLuna Lovegood by Mei-yu
Three Years Later by STelariPast ghosts by Busbi:thumb254155813:Three  years... by fredvegerano
Sacrificed by TH3ARTD3PTFairies of the Dawn_pic2 by JoannaBromleyJingle Jangle by JupiterBlossemWild Kratts by brtmchl

:iconlovesplz: DIGITAL ART :iconlovesplz:
:thumb252551955:Pelican Bay by Sillybilly60:thumb254006355:
We are just a drop of dew by Leptospyrra:thumb252001238:This is TITLE by Rotem1995OCT - Azz by Azzedar-san
Alice Liddel by ArinaFoxyPredator  Preparing to Kill by leandro-sfSuper Effective by amegoddess
Yuna bubble tea by tavishartsyou light up my world.. by NOUF7Gen 5 water knuffel by tavishartsLooking at the stars by arius86
:thumb211640747:Nightmares for-1on1 contest by CurtzReaganRaziel by LuCCas93your angel by ryky

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconlovesplz:
Kolibri by SilentPlea:thumb253609043:A Hint of Autumn by SilentPlea

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOGRAPHY :iconlovesplz:
Forever's not so long by DavidSchermannScorpion Mother and Babies by CaloxortFreckle by ksushiks
Long-Horned Chums by CaloxortGeranium Bud Ready by Caloxort
Blue Amaryllis Bokeh by CaloxortMorning glory by BigGirlsDoNotCryRound and Round we Spin by Jaicca
The Meaning Of Life by DebbyshBoots Chillin' by Caloxort:thumb252750481:
Marriotta Rose by CaloxortCloudy by ha-rat-kiriA Zebra in the Mirror by Caloxort
Swan and sunset by Pregiirl123velocity by DavidSchermannThe Earth Liquified by Pregiirl123
Weidemeyer's Admiral by CaloxortDeath Note-Female Light Yagami by Jaicca:thumb212807513:Beaked by ha-rat-kiri
Portrait of a Zebra by ShekhinaQuarantine by Mx3AllTheWayAutumn Red Heads by incolor16sunlight by inSOLense
fruit love by a-place4my-headVali-e-Asr kids 04 by rakhtavizFleur de la nuit by LuciaConstantinLovage II by LuciaConstantin

:iconlovesplz: ARTISAN CRAFTS :iconlovesplz:
c laire de lune by Lethe007Charm Rings by Oborochann
gaia by Lethe007Charm Commissions 2 by OborochannFox earrings by BadgersBakery
Jam Cookie Necklace by GrandmaThunderpantsDoll by koshadesingsmile me on photo by a-place4my-head

:iconlovesplz: LITERATURE :iconlovesplz:
LoveI feel
my eyes drowning in tears
sadness filling my body
bit by bit
as i realze
... there is no-one for me.
I don't want to be alone.
I don't want to be unloved.
There is no way to denie the truth
No way to make things better
I am alone
I am unloved
I protect
From everything in this world
'Cause no-one else will do it
... Let the tears protect him.
I don't want this.
I don't want this life.
Is what I need
My only reason to live for
Without it...
I am dead inside.
Love me.
DreamHolding your hand
So tightly
Feeling the love
Feeling all the good moments
Until I realize
... It was just a sweet dream.

:iconlovesplz: OTHER :iconlovesplz:
No Bra Cobra Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Doodling WIP by Kxushka


:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:

Here are preview part of news:
PART 1 --->…
PART 2 --->…
PART 3 --->…
PART 4 --->…
PART 5 --->…
PART 6 --->…

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:

Have a nice day!

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a-place4my-head Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
thank you))
Erozja Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
My pleasure. :meow:
koshadesing Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the feature :)
Erozja Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
Lethe007 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
dziękuję serdecznie:):):)
Erozja Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Ja również - za fawcia. :aww:
Lethe007 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
candysamuels Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
amazining as always sweetheart..
Erozja Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011
Thank you! :heart:
sesam-is-open Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011
Very beautiful:heart:
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