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August 24, 2012


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BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 34

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2012, 11:30 AM
BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 34


Hello everyone! :wave:

Here's the feature of my deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
But not that ordinary feature... ;)

I decided to show you only BEST works.
Which means: technically perfect, interesting or just original.

:iconpinkflowerplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconpinkflowerplz:



:iconlovesplz: TRADITIONAL ART :iconlovesplz:
Joanna by TotgePomegranate by ruba11Paralyzed - Agnes Monica by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O
Eyes and make-up iii by dh6artThe Message by HeilyAensSnowing by Michaela9
Lady fox and Lady deer by KattvalkFirst Steps by ChashirskiyBlue trees by dh6art
Dream about roses by Michaela9Tiger - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArtsBaby Cradled in Dad's Hands - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts
bunny's starfish by BUDDYFORMEPRETTY WITCH by sinsenor+My Love...+ by larienne
:thumb288006462:M Shadows by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-OFour plums by dh6art
...:::DeAdEnD:::... by RoUgEmIemy love by kifishOwl Hooch by Ytril
Leighton Meester sketch by dh6artHermione by shonechackoDelicadezas by vfujiwaraMadonna Frozen by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O
Buka by STelariCake or Death by LetteliraUrse by Ytril+Everlasting Night+ by larienne
Angry Tiger by 7-Year-BytchCuentos con luz V 2.0 by Demonh86Cotton Candy by Sakukko:thumb286865673:
Bonnie (strange vesion) by Chashirskiy:thumb287238007:hate by kifishfalsos Tesouros by vfujiwara
Denrion by LeptospyrraSasha De Hart _ Commission by xoxkimochiixoxLady hatter by ladybird870
Let Me Grant Your Wish by Gryffingirl77Ghosts, Owls and Tea by BusbiPoint Commission - Felicite by AmaethilDragonfly by Nimphradora
''I think it's a troll garden.'' by STelariThe Light of the Moon by Gryffingirl77:thumb286815575:+Nay Chibi+ by Nay-Hime
:thumb288017825:The power of Literature by sweet-innocent-aura:thumb288551440:
JOURNEY'S END by Ricky-Roo302old town by kosharik69Black Beauty by shonechackoBlue doom by lutamesta
+Cursed Doll+ by lariennethe dragon ... not bloody by kosharik69Chibi Serene by Rorita-Sakura:thumb288771423:

:iconlovesplz: DIGITAL ART :iconlovesplz:
coloured pearls by Andrea1981G:thumb285988480:Commission Victorian Bloody Duel by leandro-sf
Comission - MetalMoonSanctuary by AyasalA Gift For Ivixin by ivihuSinfully Yours by MayFong
Let There Be Light by Julia-AuroraCosmic Girl by Psycho--PrincessCome with Me... by LightDrop
Glass by Azot2014shiny wonder station by Andrea1981G
Gold ceremony by inSOLenseMiam Maikan by SuliannHTwilight Heart by HaruShadowsEspeon for Ash-Misty-Pikachu ::GIFT:: by Itachi-Roxas
[C] Mini Chibi Fuchsia by izka197Portrait of a Virgin(ian) by charcoalfeather:thumb285782463:Amethyst by inSOLense
Thine Evermore by fangelsiChildren's book illustr no.017... by sai2009Hello, darling by oORayonOoRainbow Brite commission by HaruShadows
Worth too much by AyasalCheese Moon Owl by SuliannHSchool Girl by EstheryuVivid by jung-heuchler
Tranquility by lucid-lightI have some ice cream, I have some... DAMN -_- by candykikiDeath of the warrior by inSOLense

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconlovesplz:
Close the Window by Vanitas-ArtWhen Darkness Comes by FP-Digital-ArtLW-Paint your destiny by EmbrisionArts
S e l e n e by CorvineriumShattered Sky by vimarkPrecious Moments by DeadLulu
Magic sounds by KalosysArtThe Rose Of Blood by babsartcreationsFall by elanordhC L O C K   T I M E by MirellaSantana
Abused World by BiBiARTsAquarius II by Pygar.Contact. by spanishbomb0
Have A Bite by CorvineriumLove that lends wings by ForestGirlFairy in Green by Pygar
Tenebra by Kryseis-ArtA million of scarlet roses by PerlaMarinaGoddess of the dark by EowynRusPierrot by Kryseis-Art
Dreaming Mermaid by BiBiARTsHarmony by FP-Digital-ArtBe My Light by CorvineriumDark Fairy by KlaraKay
Wonderland by ForestGirlUnholy Matrimony by DesignbyKattNight Wondering by DeadLulu

:iconlovesplz: PHOTOGRAPHY :iconlovesplz:
What do you want? by ColeJAChildren at Play by Freudian-field-dayCook Islands 2011 by etdjt
foggy mountain by motzhoelddot by motzhoeld:thumb286662964:
Dream or reality ? by sylverfaceMy cabin by RobinHedberg
Woerlitzer Park - Sun Bridge by pingalleryJasmund by ksushiksOn The Rocks by DanielleMiner
Take a walk by RobinHedbergGuerrero maya by zurc-chan:thumb281081223:
In Numbers by Freudian-field-dayLake Louise III by JosephTimburyangelic kitten 2 by ManonMorel
Hotel Egypt by sKodOneMagpie by sylverfaceFairy of Coffee by ChudnayaMamba
Story About Little Sun by ksushiksMee by MeyganPhanngambutterfly 7 by cloe-patraSitting Serval by darkSoul4Life
freedom to blind by KalbiCamdangalaxy in a drop of water by tka4u4aDeep Love by Photo-Grafixx
:thumb286429251:Me II by MeyganPhanngamSoftly by tellmewhoiamsingle arc by zurc-chan
Doubt by DavidSchermann:thumb287272725:bee V by cloe-patraTwo by Jaicca
:thumb287726565:Yellow rose by ChudnayaMambaon my mind by Jaiccamimesis by cloe-patra

:iconlovesplz: ARTISAN CRAFTS :iconlovesplz:
Pear Necklace by KawaiiCultureHappy Kitty Plushies by HappyKittyShopMellow Yellow Statement Necklace by RetroRevivalBoutique
Red tree and ruins by beads-poetPhedre OOAK Jointed Paper Doll by purplefaeTeddy Bear by koshadesing
EMERALD earrings by myosthisBryony by BlackWings-jewelryCat's eye stone pendant by alena-light

:iconlovesplz: LITERATURE :iconlovesplz:
Sara's Prologue"Sara." A voice whispered through her dreams. She tried to push it away, but she was suddenly shook awake, her sister's blue eyes lit by candle light, "Sarafina, wake up!"
Sara sat up, her long black hair wild and tostled from sleep, "What do you want Seri?"
Seri took her sister's hand, pulling her out of bed, holding a finger over her mouth as the pair of them tip toed out of their bed room, their shadows indentical as they slipped through the halls of their father's house.  Sara walked close to her twin sister, the only thing indentical about them was their mother's wildly blue eyes. She had always loved her older sister, and whenever the dark red haired girl got that look on her face, Sara knew to be quiet and do as she was told.
Sara opened the door to her father's hall, pulling her along the side of the wall, the pair of them unseen by the few people who had gathered there as they ducked behind the curtains of the large windows.
Seri held her hand tightly, peeking through the
Defenders Episode1: Guardian Ch. 3The next morning went as normal as usual.  Brandon's mom had already left for work while he was in the shower.  It was about 8:00 when he finished his shower, got dressed, and left for school.  On his way to catch the bus, Brandon cuts through the field next to the local school.  Images of yesterday's late afternoon storm returned to his mind.  He remembers it all up to the point he was knocked unconscious.  When the first lightning bolt struck him, there was intense pain at first.  But then as Brandon felt the electricity flow through his body, he actually felt a soothing sensation before the pain returned.  When he was struck the second time, more pain came with it, however, the same soothing feeling returned as well.  It relaxed Brandon, making him feel at ease.  Without realizing it, Brandon had stopped at the very spot where he was struck twice by lightning.  "What happene Durias' :: PrologueDurias sat down in the snow, wiping his nose and sniffling. His mother was pregnant again, and his two younger brothers were picking on him again. He took in a shuddering breath, kicking a rock by his foot and looking down, at the snow. 
He hated this. He was the eldest, and they were picking on him! He knew that he wasn't much older, but still! They should be respecting him!
"It's not fair!" He sniffled, wiping his nose as a shadow was cast over him.
"Durias." His father's deep voice bellowed, making him jump up, trying to hide the tears that had fallen down his cheeks, "What are you doing out here?"
His father was a big man, built like a war horse, and raised each of his boys to be just as strong as he was. He acted like he was. If there was one of his sons that he rode harder than all of them, it was Durias. 
Durias swallowed, shaking his head, trying to stand tall.  "N-nothing sir...I just-"
His father knelt down, brushing him off quickly, his face stern, "You were c

Why Free Market Capitalism FailsIn this essay, I expose the flaws in the two mechanisms that are supposed to power the free market: Adam Smith's invisible hand and trickle down economics.  The notion of the invisible hand holds that in a free marketplace, the buyer's self-interest will tend to drive the price down, while the seller's self-interest will tend to drive the price up, so that both parties' self-interest will naturally cause the price to settle on an amount that both find reasonable.  Trickle-down economics maintains that the rich are the ones who start and expand businesses and hire employees, so the laws should favor them increasing their wealth as much as possible so they can hire more people, thus growing the economy.
These concepts look good on paper, but the best way to evaluate any idea is to see how it works in practice.  Let's start by analyzing nationa
Rescue Me - Ch. 1 Chapter 1: Picnic Day
Hunter and Cecily are out in the clearing of the woods having a nice lunch outdoors. The pair bonded since they first laid eyes on each other since the time Hunter was appointed as one of the knights in the Tenugaian Army. Cecily had the first impression of his falling for his chivalrous nature, sweet natured and philosophical warrior. The food that Cecily had baked for their picnic was excellent and smelled wonderful with a fresh aroma fragrance.
"You know how to cook real good food, Cecily," Hunter smiled as he chomped on a sandwich. "I always enjoy your meals."
"Why, thank you, my sweet valor knight," Cecily blushed with red cheeks appearing on her beautiful face as if she had just applied makeup and munched on a brownie.
The lovers finished devouring the picnic food leaving the basket empty and relaxed together while lying next to each other. However, the sun became too bright for Cecily prompting her to open up her cute frilly pink parasol and

ANOTHER FISH STORY by Ricky-Roo302 Durias and Sara :: Chapter 1When Sara was married to a man twice her age, she didn't cry. When he turned out to be a cruel man with little to no empathy towards others, she didn't cry.
When her father died, sickness setting into his bones and drawing out his last moments and ending it with pain, Sara didn't cry.
When the black eyed god, with his armies and his magic, ripped through her lands, murdering her sister and mother in their sleep and claimed her home for his own, it was only then she allowed herself to cry. 
She was sixteen years old, already a wife for three years, when the news came that there was nothing left of her homelands. Sara remembered standing next to her husband's chair, her whole body going numb when they said they had found her mother laying in her bed.  They said that she had killed herself when the attacks started, knowing if she didn't, she'd be taken by the black eyed god. 
Tears began to flow from her eyes as the messenger went on, saying that her sister's body was never
BEARY TAILS 10: ROCKY ROAD by Ricky-Roo302

:iconlovesplz: OTHER :iconlovesplz:
Night of the Living Room by THEoriginalADAMWaterMoon stamp by JasminaSusakPower of the Human Mind by mylastel
:thumb287832343:Hungry cute monster by B0RTECENE:thumb287629639:
the cotton candy monster :D by ruba11Despiral Biosphere by ValaSedaiMist by ValaSedai:thumb286218854:Photography Monsters by DianaGrigore
the hungry monster by manar1Free Icon: Poe Sister Beth by ValaSedai:thumb286544706:Marshmallows of doom by RirikoOm Nom Nom by Pochi-mochi
:thumb286053898:skydancer by Lightstar98Hiems Sphere by ValaSedaiCute Monster Contest by SammySmall
Lovely monster by HuguettepizzicMusic Monster T-Shirt by JovaGrofQuid by staxandyCritical hit - tee by InfinityWave


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Preview part of news:


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Have a nice day!


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